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Pasta Party

Dinner (Pasta Party) will be held at the Oasis Hotel, Friday 09, of december 9, 2016 at 08:00pm.

- Dinner is free for participants staying at the Oasis Hotel. For the rest of the runners or companions, an entrance fee will be asked if they wish to attend the dinner.
- The cost of the dinner of pasta, with a duration of about 4 hours, all included in the Oasis hotel 17h00-21h00 has a cost of $ 20 USD.

It will be held at the Hotel Grand Oasis

According to tradition, you can not miss the ritual of the Pasta Party; the usual combination of sport, nutrition and socialization, open to all athletes and companions, to refuel energy, before and after the race.

Cancún, the most beautiful marathon in the world

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The hotel area is connected to downtown Cancun by bus lines, R-1, R-2 y R-15.